Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with the technology company named Palantir. Peter Theil and I have one thing in common. We both have an obsession on Tolkien, which might have inspired Theil to christen his company based on a magical artifact from Tolkien’s books The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. Here I am ranting on analogies of Palantiri in the realm of statistics and on parallels of Palantiri in our modern day.

The Palantiri (the plural for Palantir) are the seven Seeing Stones, the indestructible magical crystal balls which were carried by the Numenorians (the ancestors of…

Data Science can be wild

I was reading Khaled Hosseini on refugees and pandemic. And then two Facebook posts by my friends, one on Kenosha shooting and the other on MLK march at National Mall.

Asking yourself ... Empathizing with
Those whom you don’t know.
An art we are loosing.
Deeply smudged in our own
Monochromatic canvasses.

Waking up this morning,
I saw on a Black sea
Of angst and pain
Along the National Mall,
An Yellow speck.

The Yellow speck,
She asked herself.
"What about them?"
She asked for a Color denser than hers.
And joins the Stream.
Love you my Sister.

Please ask…

ACT 1: Dr. G.

2012. President Obama is up for his re-election. I was at Informs Conference 2012 at Phoenix AZ. It was my first time in Phoenix and excited that I could visit one of the well known churches in Scottsdale and listen to my hero, Dr. G. Dr. G is one of the most influential theologian of this day and age. A friend and I took cab to Scottsdale from Phoenix downtown, where we were staying.

We attended the Theology class which Dr. G. teaches before every Sunday service. We introduced ourselves and kind of behaved like a…

Vijith Varghese

An IBM-er. An ex-E&Y. A Razorback. Data scientist. Decision scientist. Jesus follower. Tolkien fan. Poetry. Free verse. Fantasy books. Carnatic music. Hikes.

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